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Let me start by introducing myself and my business.

I’m Susanne Lewis – trainer, translator, proofreader, writer and owner of Matterhorn Languages.

I set up my business in 2002, a couple of years after relocating from Switzerland to the UK. Why did I move? And how did I end up with my own business?

Well, as these things go, I met a Brit. And no, it wasn’t his idea: I fancied a change. I did, however, make him promise that we’d return ‘home’ after two years if I didn’t like England. But as you can see, I’m still here. And I’m very happy in the UK.

With my Swiss teaching diploma in my pocket and a few years’ experience on the job, I had intended to work in a school in the UK, but apparently my diploma was ‘no good’. My prospective employer at the time wanted to see a European qualification. They offered to hire me as an unqualified teacher, but I was too proud to be ‘demoted’.

So, I set up my own company, teaching German as a foreign language to corporate employees, mainly in Milton Keynes.

I loved writing and teaching my own courses but before long, I had too much work coming in to deliver all the classes myself, hence the one-woman band grew into a team. Our range of services included English courses, German and English translation services, proofreading, editing, SEO copywriting, as well as writing content for websites and social channels.

Fast forward to 2020. Covid-19 hit the world and many of us, including me, reassessed our lives. That proved a bit of a turning point. I decided I wanted ‘life simplification’. I restructured the business returning to a one-person outfit working with a handful of select freelancers, and reduced the Matterhorn offering to what I love doing and best suits my skills.

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