3 common but bland words to avoid in copywriting and what to use instead

Spice up your copywriting by avoiding bland words
Boring words have the same effect on your writing as boring ingredients do in a culinary dish – even if they’re mixed well, they can still leave the end product tasteless and bland. You want to give your readers a taste of what you’re truly capable of and avoid anything that gets in the way. So, to help make your writing more palatable, we’ve compiled a list of 3 lacklustre words to steer clear of and more interesting alternatives that will spice up your writing and leave your readers wanting more.


It’s a common go-to verb for introducing quotes or when narrating an account of events. But too much of “He said … she said … they said” will make your writing downright dull to read. Don’t make the speaker sound monotone. Instead, use one of the following alternatives to add emotion, tone and intention in the speaker’s delivery.

Better options: exclaim, declare, utter, remark, announce, suggest, imply, emphasise, stress, comment, point out, divulge, state, observe, note, explain, add, mention, disclose, reveal


This one really hits new heights on the boring scale, perhaps even more so than the commonly criticised ‘nice’. It’s often the sign of a lazy or uncreative writer! There are plenty of options for expressing just how good something is, be it decent enough, truly outstanding, or anywhere on the scale in between.

Better options: satisfactory, reasonable, acceptable, adequate, admirable, delightful, quality, sterling, remarkable, great, glorious, terrific, superb, wonderful, marvellous, first-rate, first-class, exceptional, outstanding, incomparable


With this one, there’s no excuse not to come up with a decent synonym – especially considering it has such a vast array of alternatives to be found in any good thesaurus. What level of fondness do you want to express? Be more precise with one of our alternatives below.

Better options: respect, value, admire, enjoy, appreciate, be keen on, be fond of, take pleasure in, think highly of, revel in, delight in, love, adore, relish, savour, hold dear, cherish, treasure, dote on, idolise

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