3 Facebook copywriting tips

Facebook copywriting tips

Facebook as a platform is pretty flexible: you’ll see posts ranging from news to entertainment. And given the 2.38 billion active monthly users Facebook lists on its own newsroom (at the time of writing), it is one of the largest platforms out there. It’s understandable then, that writing for Facebook comes with some of its own tricks. If you want to get the best out of your Facebook content why not try these three copywriting tips:

  • Be up front about your message

    With Facebook having a much larger character limit than some other platforms (most notably Twitter), waffling can be an easy trap to fall into. However, your posts are still competing against every user’s instinct to scroll to find something interesting. So, to avoid them skipping your content, don’t be coy.

    Be upfront and clear. Put your key message or value proposition in the first sentence of your copy. This way, readers can see exactly what you’re offering them at first glance. And if they can see and understand your message straight away, they’re more likely to engage with it.

  • Keep things simple

    Another potential pitfall that comes with Facebook’s larger limit is the temptation to be excessively wordy or use overly complex language. Just because Facebook doesn’t enforce concise writing with a character limit, doesn’t mean you should throw the idea out the window.

    Remember to keep things short and use simple language – especially if you’re dealing with more complex subject matter.

  • Don’t limit yourself to one post

    Facebook not only allows you to target your paid-for adverts at specific audiences, it also lets you decide who can see your organic posts. So, why try to write for everyone in one go?

    Identify a specific audience to engage with your copy and write for them. Then move on to your next audience group and write another post targeted at them. This not only ensures that any advertising money is more likely to be well spent, but should also increase engagement, as the right messages are reaching the right people.

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