Creating a brief for a copywriter

Copywriters are great at what they do, but they’re not mind readers, nor are they magicians. A copywriter will never be able to produce the kind of text you want if they don’t have a brief on what it should look like. And if you decide to write your own content, it can be very easy to stray off topic when you don’t have a clear vision in mind. So, regardless of whether you’re outsourcing or not, you’re going to want to come up with a plan of action: here are our top 3 tips.

1) Define your target audience

There’s not too much point in writing something if you don’t know who you’re writing for. And it’s unlikely that you’ll appeal to the analytically minded, a results-driven business man or woman and a people person all in one go. So, work out who you want to target and describe their persona in your brief. This will allow you or your copywriter to write for them specifically.


2) Specify what you want to achieve

Different types of copy serve different purposes and some will only really accommodate one angle. So, before anyone starts work on writing your copy, you need to specify what you want it to do. Ask yourself ‘What action do you want the reader to take?’ and ‘What emotions do you want to evoke?’ The answers to these questions will help focus the copy and they may even narrow down what kind of text you want to be written (e.g. narrative, explanation, description, etc.).


3) Tell them how you want your brand to be seen

For your copywriter to strike a chord with your audience in the way you want, they’re going to need some guidance. You may know how you want your company, product or service to be perceived, but they may not. They may have even never heard of your company before. So, give them some ideas about your company’s values and character.


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