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Fun facts about the English language

and other things that are good to know


Whether you’re a native speaker or it’s your second language, we’ve compiled some fun facts and other ‘good to knows’ about the English language for you.

Most of the content here is light-hearted, with the aim of making you smile. Having said that, some entries are quite matter-of-fact with the objective of shedding some light on those mysteries that surround the English language. Quite a few of the bite-sized language snippets you’ll find here contain information and knowledge that we’ve picked up over the years whilst proofreading and editing or translating for our clients.

This list of fun facts is by no means exhaustive just yet, and we’ll continually be adding more. Should you have a language-related query about either English or German which we haven’t covered, then we’d love to hear from you.

Enough said. We hope that despite English being weird at times, the fun facts on this page can be understood through tough thorough thought though… (And there are plenty more oddities where that came from!)

Click on the categories below for some English-related fun. You might even learn something in the process and improve your communication skills!