What to expect from high-quality English to German translation services

High-quality translation services

When choosing your English to German translation services provider, you want and expect good quality for the hard-earned cash you’re handing over. But what exactly is ‘high quality’ when it comes to translation? Well, there are two main things you should definitely expect from a good supplier: accuracy and flow.


A translation should always be identical to the original text in terms of content – the only difference should be the language that content is presented in. The meaning of every word, sentence and paragraph of the German translation should be exactly the same as the original English document, and any nuances, the tone and the style of writing should all match. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and/or money on your text and you would like an exact duplicate in a language your target audience can understand.


We’ve established that the original English text and the German translation must have the same message, but equally important is the flow of the translation. What you certainly don’t want is a translation that sounds translated. You want to be able to read it without stumbling, without having to stop and think about what it is trying to say, and without any errors staring you back in the face. The translation should sound natural, flow beautifully, and be faultless in terms of grammar and spelling. That’s why most high-quality service providers subject their translation to a couple of rounds of proofreading – to ensure it is perfect.

This delicate balance between accuracy and flow is what gives you a translation that you can be proud to publish. If you’re looking for high quality, you need a translation services provider that can do both well.

At Matterhorn Languages, we follow a robust, 3-stage process involving proofreading and quality checks by native English and German speakers to ensure accuracy and flow for every job that lands on our desks. We always have our sights set on perfection because we want to be proud of every translation we produce.

Depending on the document, we can usually produce 1,000 words in approx. 6.5 hours. Our team is based both in the UK and Australia, allowing us to work round the clock to deliver your translation when you need it.

Do you want a free report on the accuracy and flow of your German translation? Then contact us today.