How to communicate with your boss effectively

How to communicate with your boss effectively

Our blog on communicating in meetings outlined a range of ways you can ensure effective communication while at work. However, whenever you need to communicate with your boss or your head of department, there are just a couple of points you ought to consider:

  • Get straight to the point

    One of the main things that matters in this sort of a situation is time. Higher-ups are generally busy so their time is precious. This means they will often prefer you to get to the point straight away. Start your conversation, meeting or presentation by telling them exactly what you want from them. You can then go on to explain how it will be of benefit or how you will go about doing what you suggest.

  • Choose your angle wisely

    Not much different to when you speak to anyone else, to really get the execs on board it’s important to talk about things that are on their agenda. How a process change will affect your and your colleagues’ personal lives may not be high on their list of worries. Instead they are more likely to be concerned with how it will impact their business goals, including for example productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. So, pitch your concern taking into account their perspective and priorities. This will allow you to present the information that matters to them.

So, when communicating with your superiors at work, it is best to cut the waffle and approach the topic from an angle that matters to them.