How to create visually appealing content

Content needs to be visually appealing
Whatever the purpose of your content, you’ll want to make it easy and desirable to read for your target audience. Your potential reader may decide not to read your content just based on a first glance. So here are our top tips for creating visually appealing content, and making them want to read on!

1) Add images

Perhaps the most obvious way to make your content more visually appealing is to add plenty of interesting and relevant images, including a striking header image. After all, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without. But don’t limit yourself to pictures – why not present some of your text in the form of a graph, chart or other illustration, where appropriate?

2) Create white space

Providing as much white space as possible will make your text look clean, will give the page balance, and make its content easier to read. You can create white space simply by:

  • Keeping your paragraphs short
    Seeing a long block of text puts readers off. It’s much more enticing to see short paragraphs consisting of no more than a few lines. Presenting your text in this way gives the illusion that it will require less effort to read it, even if it includes the same number of words.
  • Displaying information in lists
    It’s best to use vertical bullet-pointed lists wherever possible. This way, the information is cut down into manageable chunks, making it much easier for the reader to digest as well as making your content more visually engaging.
  • Using plenty of titles and subheadings
    Breaking up your text into different sections, complete with titles and subtitles, will give your writing structure. In a similar way to using lists, it will make your text more manageable to read.


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