English proofreading & editing

I specialise in proofreading and editing documents that have either been translated into English or written by a non-native English speaker.

Depending on the project, I work with one of my trusted CIEP-accredited freelancers, and together we can edit as much or as little as you want. This ranges from carrying out spelling, grammar and punctuation checks to helping the text flow better, while also removing anything that a native speaker wouldn’t say, making sentences more succinct, and checking that there are no contradictions or inconsistencies.

I specialise in press releases, company presentations, brochures, product catalogues, reports, client communications and magazines.

Matterhorn’s proofreading and editing services usually involve two rounds. Generally, the first round is carried out by me. I tend to have a better grasp on what the translated text intends to say than a native English speaker. I edit the text to make it sound natural and, most importantly, clearer for an English-speaking audience.

One of my trusted freelancers then carries out the second round as a sense check and to add the finishing touches.

We are all eagle-eyed and it’s very rare that we miss anything – particularly as each document is subjected to two rounds of proofreading/editing.

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