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Don’t squawk, tweet!

‘Unpresidented’ instead of ‘unprecedented’, ‘attaker’ instead of ‘attacker’, ‘honered’ instead of ‘honored’: just some of the many errors posted on Donald Trump’s Twitter account. It’s full of simple typos, major blunders and heaps of ignorance that even just one round of proofreading could have picked up. But he remains unscathed, we hear you say! That’s right. However, you are no Donald Trump. For you, the shame may linger and seriously damage your company’s reputation. Our Twitter proofreading service will help you to tweet in tune.

Prefer to give it a go yourself first? Follow our guide to tweet writing as a starting point.

How our Twitter copy-editing service can help

  • Perfectly formulated tweets
    Tweets aren’t published like hardbacks. They need to be quick, current and SEO-friendly. Writing under pressure is stressful enough, but throw a foreign language into the mix and you’ve got yourself an impossible task. Simply send us your draft or basic idea, as rough as you like, and we’ll copy-edit or create the content of the tweets for you – in perfect English that hits just the right tone.
  • Superfast service
    Won’t that take too long? Not at all! You’ll message our dedicated writers directly, who will be notified instantly and will deliver your tweets back to you personally as well as answer any questions or doubts you may have. We offer a wide range of packages for a turnaround time that suits you. And we deliver when we say we will. Always.
  • Proactive protection
    The great thing about Twitter is that it allows you to reach people from all over the world from all kinds of cultures. But you can also do a lot of damage in 280 characters. What’s considered polite in one part of the world can insult or cause offence in another. Companies such as Nike can vouch for it not always being easy to avoid this kind of mistake. Our international team has lived in many countries across the globe and can help to stop you from putting your foot in it when it matters most.
  • In tune with your CI
    And that’s not all. There is one more Twitter pitfall we can protect you from. It’s often difficult to make your tweets reflect your corporate identity. Give us an idea of your company’s CI and we’ll ensure that your tweets are clear, concise as well as current, and uphold your company’s image.


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