Blogging to promote your business
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The pros & cons
of hiring a blogger to promote your business


These days, blogging is an absolute must for successful content marketing and to promote your business. After all, websites with blogs generate 67% more leads than those without. But is it best to hire a blogger to promote your services or should you take the leap and do it yourself? We’ve condensed it all down to two main points to consider on each side.

Reasons to hire a blogger

1. Save time in the long run
Taking on blogging to promote your business yourself is a commitment. According to the Content Marketing Institute, businesses publishing 16 or more blogs a month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than businesses publishing zero to four articles. Consider whether you can commit to updating your blog every 48 hours. A professional blogger will provide you with a consistent flow of fresh content at regular intervals specified by you (and maybe even new ideas for your business) – freeing up your time for other commitments.

2. Benefit from their professional skills
You’ll almost certainly be considering a blog with the aim of promoting your company and portraying it in the best light. Nowadays, the first page of results in a search engine is equivalent to what was once a billboard on the high street. A good blogger will be an expert in Search Engine Optimisation committed to helping your target audience find your content. Good bloggers feel at home on the Internet, where they pick up on what people are interested in, what gets them talking and what they’re looking for. They know about the next trend before it arises.

Reasons not to hire a blogger

1. It can be time-consuming initially
Opting to hire a blogger will involve initially briefing them on your product and/or services, target audience as well as any corporate style that your company stipulates for published material. One thing that may help to reduce the time and effort required from you is communicating your brief and expectations as clearly as possible.

2. A good blogger can be pricey
Blog writing services to promote your business will undoubtedly add to your expenses. There is a wide range of options out there so it’s worth obtaining several quotes. Ask them to clarify what they will deliver for the agreed price to ensure you get the quality you’re looking for. Are they familiar with your industry and target audience? You can easily find out by talking to them. Then spend a few weeks following their posts online: do you like their blogs? Are the topics current and on trend or are they old news? Ask them to write a few test blogs to give you an idea of the work they would produce for you. NB: Prices range from approx. £10 to £500 for a 400-word article.
If you decide to give it a go yourself first, be sure to check out our copywriting tips for help!

Whichever option you choose, we hope you see results!

A few pointers to help you decide who should do the blogging to promote your business