Should you choose a copywriter or a translator?

Copywriter or translator
It takes time and skill to write creatively. So, regardless of whether you opt for a copywriter or a translator, make sure you hire an expert.

Whoever you work with has to be able to choose meaningful words, make the text flow smoothly, use the right style of language for the target audience and portray your company in the way you want it to be seen.

Communicating across borders

But, when communicating across borders, there’s an additional element to consider other than just language: culture.

A good translator will culturally align their translation. In other words, they will adapt the text to suit the target audience’s conventions, tastes and expectations. This means potentially modifying the language to make it politically correct, adapting the format of dates and currencies as well as replacing idioms with a suitable local phrase. This is also known as localisation. However, a translator can only work to the brief set by their customer and is somewhat restricted by being bound to following the source material.

Scope for more creative freedom

If you feel your message could benefit from more freedom, then tasking a skilled copywriter to work on your project might just be the way to go. Provide them with a brief, and let their creativity do the rest.

This might be particularly beneficial when it comes to SEO.

Attractive content is a must in any marketing strategy. But online marketing content will only increase your bottom line if the text in it is optimised for search engines.

The right wording is crucial: if you want to be found, you need to place the right keywords in the right places, and get the quantity right. In addition to that, the writing style needs to grab people’s attention and entice them to read your content. And a good copywriter will be able to incorporate all of this into the copy they create.

One more thing

Another benefit is cost.

Instead of hiring a German copywriter and then hiring a translator to convert the message from German into English, it will probably save you time and money to just hire an English copywriter (provided you can brief them in a language you’re comfortable with).

So, to sum it up:
  • Choose a translator if you’d like the source material to be binding (such as for reports or legal documents).
  • Opt for a copywriter if the scope of the brief calls for more creative freedom (such as for blogs or a marketing campaign).
  • Whatever your choice, make sure you hire an accomplished professional.


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