TED talks to improve your presentation skills

5 great TED talks to start with

TED talks to improve your presentation skills
At one point or another in our lives, we’ve all been nervous about standing up in front of our peers or colleagues to give a speech, feeling that our presentation skills aren’t up to scratch. So what better way to be inspired and improve your skills than with motivational, insightful TED talks? Handy for watching on the go and presented by experts in their field from all over the world, TED talks are the ideal way to learn and find inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 TED talks to help you make your presentation interesting, use the right body language, and speak with confidence.

  • ‘How I beat stage fright’ by Joe Kowan
    Get nervous before or during a speech? You’re not alone. This amusing TED talk provides some inspiration for overcoming your fear and helps you to perform at your very best.
  • ‘The secret structure of great talks’ by Nancy Duarte
    A guide to structuring your presentation based on some of the world’s most famous and memorable speeches, including ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King and Steve Job’s iPhone launch speech.
  • ‘The importance of being inauthentic’ by Mark Bowden
    A TED talk from an expert in human behaviour about the importance of choosing the right body language – which is crucial when giving a successful presentation.
  • ‘You are contagious’ by Vanessa Van Edwards
    An interesting TED talk from a public-speaking expert about the way we communicate verbally, non-verbally and emotionally, and the effect this has on our audience.
  • ‘How to speak with impact’ by Peter Hopwood
    Some tips and tricks on communication skills in general and bringing value to your message when you speak – perfect for applying to your upcoming presentation.


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