Top 5 presentation courses

Top 5 presentation courses
Presentation skills are becoming increasingly important for professional success, and everyone wants to be able to present calmly, confidently and creatively for maximum impact. Often, the best way to improve your public speaking skills is to attend a professional course. They are designed specifically to help you calm your fears and apprehensions and to present effectively. Here is our pick of 5 of the best presentation courses, offering something to suit any experience level and needs.

  • High Impact Presentation
    A Dale Carnegie course designed to help you present effectively. This course is available at a variety of locations all over the UK and the world so there’s sure to be one near you. It’s also available as a free taster session, which you can find out more about here.
  • Pitch to Win
    In business, an important pitch can make or break you. This course will teach you the skills you need to give a compelling and convincing sales pitch and ultimately watch your business succeed and grow.
  • Fear of Public Speaking
    This course is specially designed for people with a debilitating fear of public speaking. Run by the College of Public Speaking in London, it will teach you to ‘reprogramme’ the fear that hits you when giving a speech.
  • Presentation Skills
    A presentation skills course for business people with presenting experience who are looking to build on their existing skills. This course covers everything from preparation to performance. KSL Training provides local in-house training for companies across the UK.
  • Public Speaking
    A public speaking course with a special focus on overcoming a fear or anxiety of talking in public. Presence Training is based in London and offers longer training courses lasting between 2 and 4 days for more comprehensive and in-depth learning.


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