German to English translation

I mainly offer German to English translation and transcreation services.

Until I ‘regrouped’ in 2020, I carried out the final checks on every document my team of native English speakers translated. While I’m not a native speaker myself, I have a very good ear, or rather eye, to spot what isn’t quite clear or doesn’t sound right, i.e. when it sounds translated.

To ensure I retain this important native English speaker sense check, I now follow this three-stage process:

I work to exacting standards and Matterhorn Languages has always produced high-quality translations. The process we followed until 2020 was extremely robust, but I honestly believe that this new method results in even greater-quality texts. Why? Because it is really beneficial if the translation is proofread by someone who doesn’t speak the source language, as it serves as an additional check to spot the bits that sound translated.

My core experience includes technical reports, press releases, presentations, website copy, product descriptions, newsletters and interviews. I specialise in automotive, aviation, manufacturing processes and sport, and also cover general topics.

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