Great translations thanks to solid, 3-stage process

Producing great translations


How we do it

We are ISO-certified, a member of the ATC and we take the quality of the copy you receive very seriously. That’s why we have native speakers of both languages, German and English, to work on your project.

But that’s not it. Our translation services also involve a unique 3-stage process to guarantee that we’ll produce great translations every single time.

On average, it takes us approx. 6½ hours to produce a high-quality, natural-sounding yet accurate translation of 1,000 words.


1) Bronze: the first version

The initial translation of your German or English text

  • Carried out by a native speaker of the target language, ensuring your translation gets the best start possible
  • Includes the collation of specialist terminology and any technical research needed
  • Terms are added to a glossary tailored specifically to you and your offering


2) Silver: making sure nothing gets lost in translation

The second stage of the process and first review

  • Carried out by a native speaker of the source language
  • Compares the initial translation against your source material, ensuring it is a faithful reflection of the content
  • Makes sure our work captures not only the factual elements in a text, but also the tone and emotion of its message


3) Gold: editing round for a great outcome

The third stage of the process and final review

  • Carried out by a separate native speaker of the target language
  • Refines the target text so that it reads absolutely naturally
  • Adjusts the language to the target audience where necessary
  • Ensures everything is culturally aligned with your target audience
  • Formats the final translation to deliver print-ready copy