German to English translation services


Professional translation company

Matterhorn Languages specialises in German to English translation services. All of your translations will be delivered on time as formatted and ready-to-print copy. This minimises the time and effort required at your end.

Our team of translators includes native speakers of German, Swiss German and English who follow a unique, three-stage process. This allows us to accurately capture meaning, tone and nuances of the source whilst also producing stylistically impeccable, print-ready copy. We specialise in technical and marketing/PR material, are ISO-9001-certified (certificate no. 14134810) and a member of the ATC (membership no. 2020ATCAC1280).

German to English transcreation

Would you like your German marketing material to be creatively translated into English? Do you want it to relay the same overall message as the German source material does, but don’t want the wording in the source material to be binding? Then transcreation services are what you’re looking for.

Just provide us with the source material and a brief that includes your core messages and we’ll produce emotive English copy that perfectly conveys your marketing message.

By using our German to English translation services, you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated and reliable team of in-house translators – guaranteeing consistent terminology and quality, every time
  • Native speakers of both languages – meaning your translation is accurate yet doesn’t sound translated
  • Industry knowledge in the automotive, aviation and e-commerce sectors – ensuring your translation contains the right terminology
  • Accessible language – providing accurate terminology for technical experts while ensuring your content is understandable for the wider audiences outside your industry
  • Print-ready copy – saving you time in editing
  • A 24-hour service – returning the translated product to you as soon as possible
  • All provided with a great level of service


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